• Counselling help with marriage, relationships, bereavement, loss and grief
  • Counselling help with anger management, confidence issues, couples and family support
  • Counselling help with low self esteem, emotional problems, anxiety, panic, depression and money worries

About Mind Solutions UK

The Service Provided

Mind Solutions UK was established in 1994 as a problem solving service, providing Counselling, Therapy and support. All man made problems have a solution and I have extensive experience with a variety of clients with diverse problems such as Anger management, stress, relationship problems, emotional problems, issues around confidence, bereavement and loss; anxiety/panic and depression. So don’t suffer in silence, there’s no problem that cannot be solved. You too could be on your way to recovery / resolution just by making one quick call for a one to one / couples appointment. And find the new you that is trying to get out; there is so much more to you than you are now, and I can help you find the more confident and happier you. I offer a personal service where I devise an individual therapeutic plan which is specific to your personal needs and this will effect an early resolution to your problems/issues. Enabling you to move on and enjoy the rest of your life.

What is Therapy

Psychology is the study of individual differences in personality, behaviour etc, and aims to provide possible explanations for why we act as we do. Counselling / therapy is the use and application of specific psychological knowledge to help people make sense of and overcome any problems they may have. It is also used to aid self development. There are many theoretical models and I favour Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the most part, because I feel, most problems can be overcome using this method. I also combine CBT with other therapies if a problem requires it, to effect a quick and lasting resolution. CBT seeks to eradicate irrational thinking which can cause such problems as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, relationships, confidence issues, anger and even emotional issues etc, and it aims to teach more positive realistic thinking and more effective coping skills for the future. It has long been known that if you change the way you think, your behaviour will also change in a positive way. Sometimes there is a need to ‘let go’ of past hurts / issues before we can move on to a happier future. This is when a combination of therapies could be utilised to best advantage and problems become resolved in a shorter period of time. Stress is a major factor in society today, and can create a knock on effect and lead to relationship difficulties both at work and at home, misplaced anger and for those on the receiving end of it, it can cause anxiety, and, particularly if it continues recurring, panic attacks.

Counselling / therapy offers you a place to explore any issues you may have; in a warm, safe and accepting environment, with someone who is trained to neither judge nor advise you, but to explore and unlock your feelings, which may have been hidden for years. Past and present relationships may be talked about. It may well be upsetting but it will help you to understand more about yourself, and the upset soon goes when you start dealing with the issue behind it. From this you will begin to feel less confused, calmer and happier; you may make changes in your life or come to terms with things that cannot be changed.


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Who is it for ?

There are many reasons for seeking Counselling. You may be feeling upset and distressed and have problems with your feelings, thoughts, relationships with others, or with your behaviour ie anger outbursts, panic attacks. You may have had a sudden life crisis such as bereavement or have lost your job etc. You may feel that you lack direction and life makes no sense at the moment or maybe you just don’t have anyone you feel you can confide in.

Code of Ethics

I adhere to the code of ethics of The British Psychological Society (BPS).MBPsS

About Me

Qualifications and Experience

I have BSc Honours Degree in Psychology and trained within the Health Service – in Primary Care for 2 years to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, I also have a Teaching Certificate.

Since training in Primary Care (1992 - 1994) I have built up a thriving Private Practice, and have also taught in the local colleges for some years.

Other Services

I also run workshops throughout the year - Anger management, Relationships, and Communication Skills to aid in relationship development. When available they will be posted on this site in advance.